Upholding Constitutional Rights, Integrity and Strong Borders: Mike Ezell’s Official Announcement in Bid for Mississippi’s 4th District U.S. Congressional Seat

It’s official. Jackson County Sheriff and long-time South Mississippi law enforcement officer Mike Ezell has announced his next intended move in public service. On Wednesday, Ezell formally announced he is running for Mississippi’s 4th District Congressional Seat in U.S. Congress come 2022.

Ezell made the formal announcement on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse in Pascagoula during a press conference.

He’s been the first in line to roll up his sleeve and give blood, on the scene to comfort victims of crime during his 41 years in law enforcement, and on this day, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell threw his hat in the ring – making the official announcement of his bid to run for Mississippi’s 4th District Congressional Seat in the United States Congress.

“America must be a country where ethics and integrity still matter or else we will see corruption spin out of control,” Ezell said. “We can’t be a country of if we turn a blind eye to political favors and politics as usual.”

An assessment long-time banker Greg Cronin agrees with-and just one reason why he’s backing Ezell in this upcoming race.

“As Americans we’re looking for leaders who will go to Washington. I think a lot of us are frustrated with what we see going on in Washington today,” Cronin said. “We are all looking for leaders, again, people with integrity, character and intelligence-and keeping Main Street in focus than maybe what they think about and do in Washington all the time.”

Also topping Ezell’s agenda – upholding Constitutional rights and strong borders.

“We can’t have strong borders if politicians in Washington refuse to enforce border laws,” Ezell said.

During the press conference, Ezell said his experience as a law enforcement and Sheriff equips him to tackle and address issues important to Mississippians.

“I’ve seen so many things that have gone on during my career for 41 years just from various problems that come up from being a member of government. I will take all that experience with me to solve as many problems as I can for South Mississippi,” Ezell said.

Mississippi’s 4th District Congressional Seat is currently held by Republican Representative Steven Palazzo. Ezell is the only Republican candidate who has officially announced his bid for the seat, although Palazzo and former Republican challenger Carl Boyanton have announced their intent to run.

Independent Graham Hudson and Libertarian party candidate Alden Johnson have officially filed to run in the November 8th, 2022 general election. The primary election is set for June 7th, 2022.

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