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Friday, April 16, 2021
Tags Graham Hudson

Tag: Graham Hudson

Upholding Constitutional Rights, Integrity and Strong Borders: Mike Ezell’s Official Announcement in Bid for Mississippi’s 4th District U.S. Congressional Seat

It's official. Jackson County Sheriff and long-time South Mississippi law enforcement officer Mike Ezell has announced his next intended move in public service. On...

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04/15 Ryan’s “Damp” Thursday Night Forecast

It's already quite damp out there with flooding issues popping up, and we still have at least a day or so of rain left!

St. Stanislaus welcomes incoming students at Rock Night

Although the pandemic caused disruptions to all aspects of life this past year, schools, teachers, and students were among those impacted most by the...

NCAA approves new transfer rule: Division I players no longer have to sit out a year

Used to be a college football player couldn’t transfer from one Division I program to another without going down a level or sitting out...

PRCC football concludes spring in dramatic fashion

When given the choice would you rather have a big juicy steak or a hot dog? The winner of today’s spring football game at...