Update on West Nile cases in Harrison County

The first confirmed case of West Nile in Harrison County was reported Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, the state department of health confirmed a second case in Harrison County.

Since the reported cases, the Harrison County Mosquito Control Center has increased their efforts to help decrease the amount of mosquitoes and larvae in the area. They’ve fogged the area Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Chemical Formulator Joe Dobson says they’ve gone from finding 90 mosquitoes in their traps to about 19.

With a rainy Labor Day Weekend coming up, Dobson advises everyone who may be outside to wear light, long sleeved clothing and lots of bug spray with deet. “We express this a lot when we do our education program, around your home if you have any standing water, like in buckets or tires, or even kids toys out in the yard, anything that holds water, just make sure you take a little bit of time and dump the water. If not, mosquitoes, all it does is take a cap full of water in order for them to breathe. So, if we can get the community on board doing things like that, that’ll really help.”

Dobson says symptoms of the West Nile Virus include a severe headache, high fever, or cold and flu-like symptoms.

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