Update on controversial parade throw

A mother is speaking out following a controversial parade throw her daughter received in Hancock County this past weekend.

For Nicole Fairconeture and her 12-year-old daughter, it’s been a long few days after her daughter allegedly received a black doll with a beaded noose around its neck while at the Krewe of Nereids Parade in Hancock County Sunday. “She’s very disturbed by the incident. She was afraid. She doesn’t want to go to Mardi Gras anymore. This is a family tradition that this stranger tried to destroy for her.”

Fairconeture tells News 25 the float her daughter received the doll from was Saints-themed, but not the popular ‘Krewe Dat’ Float.

The ‘Krewe Dat’ Float had nothing to do with the doll and responded with this statement: “Our krewe has a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment or racism of any kind. I really wish people would stop sharing images of our float so that the real perpetrator of this act can be found. The float in question was not even a member of the Krewe of Nereids. Our float actually won the most spirited and best overall float this year. It is painful to all of us that images of our float have been used in this way. We have been in contact with the police, the Krewe of Nereids, the mayor of Waveland, and the family involved in this matter and will do everything we can to make sure that the perpetrator will be prosecuted for this hate crime.”

The Fairconeture family has been in contact with law enforcement in Bay St. Louis and Waveland to get the name of the person who handed the girl the doll. “Both law enforcement officials have reached out to me and we’re doing proper reprimand to try to get down to the basics.”

Since the incident, the family has received support from community members and businesses, something that’s encouraging to Hancock County NAACP President Gregory Barabino. “That is definitely a turn from the negativity. I want to say to anybody that is wanting to retaliate and do things of that nature, it’s not needed.”

Fairconeture hopes the knowledge of this incident will prevent one like this from happening in the future. “Let’s focus on the child and how she’s affected and what we can do so that this doesn’t happen to anybody else, not only children, but you know, humans of all races and creeds.”

Reportedly, the float involved in this incident is registered to roll in Gulfport’s Krewe of Gemini Parade, which became a topic of discussion at this afternoon’s city council meeting in Gulfport.

Tune into WXXV News 25 at 9 p.m. on FOX and 10 p.m. on NBC to find out how Gulfport City Council members are responding.

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