Update on city projects in Gautier

It is a busy time for the Jackson County area for infrastructure and city projects.

Gautier Mayor Phil Torjusen stopped by today to discuss some of those projects happening in his area.

He mentioned a new well and nano-filtration system to help with the clarity of their water and the finished project on Bemis Avenue which cleared up a major sewage drainage issue.

Mayor Torjusen also gave an update on what is happening at the Singing River Mall property. He says if the city owns the property they can have a developer on a 75 year lease at zero cost to the city which has been successful in neighboring states. “That is a huge game changer for getting a developer up and going on that. So, we had legislation drawn up, submitted last year, and we have that pass for those 55 acres on Singing River Mall property. We have an agreement to purchase that property. We are just waiting on the funding.”

The city is seeking that funding with the BP Oil Spill settlement funding which Mayor Torjusen says this project checks all of the required boxes.

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