Update on Biloxi panhandling ordinance

Recently the Biloxi City Council passed an ordinance to allow panhandling within the city limits after securing a license for the cost of $25.
Some residents are concerned that the ordinance will enable panhandlers by giving them permission to continue the practice, but local officials laid out strict guidelines in the ordinance. They believe this gives them the foothold they’ll need to begin properly regulating the actions of panhandlers in Biloxi. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said, “I think it will help us. It will certainly help the officers and give them some teeth so they can deal with some of the more aggressive folks. If we stop someone and they don’t have a permit, they’re going to have to go and get the permit or stop what they’re doing. One or the other.”
That ordinance should go into effect on December 7th, thirty days after the City Council’s vote.

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