Update on Bay St. Louis food and beverage tax

It is a busy time in Bay St. Louis with city officials looking to widen tourism and events in the city.

News 25 caught up with Mayor Mike Favre this morning who is excited about where the city is headed. With the city’s growth, one thing on the mayor’s mind is a referendum on a two percent food and beverage sales tax. This tax would benefit parks and recreation and promote tourism within the city.

Residents will head to the polls in about two weeks on December 17th. It will take 60 percent of the vote for it to pass. Mayor Favre said, “More than 60 percent of the funds we are talking about raising is from tourism and that’s a very conservative estimate. It is pretty much bringing it back to what brings it in and we want to be able to grow. We want the businesses to grow. I think tourism and retail goes hand in hand. The more tourism comes to town the better it is for our retail sales as well.”

Mayor Favre also mentioned they have bids in for the city’s harbor expansion. They are now waiting on final funding.

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