Ultrasound Donation Goes to the Animals

Stone County Hospital cares for the needs of thousands of people in the area. Today they reached out to help improve life for our four-legged friends.
The hospital just received a new ultrasound system and decided to donate its old one to The Animal Clinic in Wiggins. With all the clinic’s pet patients, the new machine is sure to be put to good use.
Veterinarians tell News 25 they are thankful for this new machine because it will help them better identify and diagnose potential problems in the pets they see and treat. Veterinarian Warren Martin said, “So, we’ll have people that can bring their pets in and we can do non-invasive testing now with the ultrasound machine. Before, we’d have to go in and do surgery for an exploratory and look for different types of tumors and foreign bodies and things that you can’t see from the outside.”
Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Stone County Hospital Kalie Taylor said, “We just felt like, instead of selling it, that we wanted to give it away as a donation to the community, especially this time of year.”
Animal Clinic leaders News 25 this is also good news for pet owners because the ultrasounds will be less expensive than an exploratory surgery.

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