Uber Leaves the Gulf Coast

Today signaled the end of Uber, a web based mini cab service, which launched here on the Coast less than two months ago, narrowing down options for those who’d like to become licensed cab drivers. News 25’s Kendra Turley hit the streets of South Mississippi to see what impact this loss is having here in South Mississippi.
Bryan Shaw spends a lot of time on the road; after all he is a cab driver. “I get to meet a lot of folks from all over the county, our military personnel and our folks that come to visit our casinos.”
While Shaw is already a licensed cab driver, and has no need for Uber, he was happy to hear that Uber, a self-employed taxi cab service, had made its way to the area last month. The Uber app allows anyone with a license to register and use his or her vehicle as a taxi.
But as of 5 p.m. today, Uber no long operates along the Coast. The Mississippi Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority asked Uber to follow certain regulations, such as car inspections and proof of car insurance. However, when asked to provide background checks on drivers, Uber declined.
Wesley Pfeiffer, director at the Mississippi Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority, said, “The main point of contention was Uber did not want to have their drivers run through background checks and submit that information to authorities for oversight. So, we weren’t able to come to an agreement on that.”
And even though Uber would have surely opened the door for more competition, Bryan Shaw is sad to see it go. “At a time where there are so many people unemployed, Uber would’ve been great for people to be entrepreneurs and self-employed and add a great service to our traveling public.”
Leaders with the Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority say they’d be willing to bring Uber back to the Coast if the company changes gears and falls in line with its requirements.
Mississippi’s regulations for Uber are the same as those in New Orleans.

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