U.S. Senator Roger Wicker on health care

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker says congress is determined to make our country’s health care system better by replacing the ObamaCare program that he says is ‘crashing and burning.’
He says congress is working on a plan that lowers premiums and guarantees competition and coverage. He adds that while it is taking quite some time to iron out a clear plan, they do intend to pass a program this year making healthcare better and more affordable for American families.
Also, making sure Mississippi gets a fair shake. “Our state in Mississippi did not expand Medicaid under the ObamaCare program and so there’s not that much of a problem in Mississippi except that we need to be treated fairly. Money has been going to some states that we did not receive. Once we phase out of this different sort of category, we want to make sure that Mississippi taxpayers get our fair share,” said Senator Wicker.
Vice President Mike Pence is urging lawmakers to pass a healthcare reform measure by the end of summer.

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