U.S. Army Black Daggers honor first responders in Jackson County

Earlier today, the U.S. Army Black Daggers conducted free aerial demonstrations in Pascagoula and Ocean Springs as a salute to first responders and healthcare workers.

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team partnered with Singing River Health System to bring the show to those serving on the front lines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Black Daggers are all volunteers from throughout the Army Special Operations community.

This time of year, the daggers are normally jumping in airshows and baseball games. Now the Daggers have turned their attention to thanking hospital workers. Sgt. First Class Jerry Germany said, “These people have been working overtime. Not just working normal hours, but working overtime and not able to sit at home and stay away from the danger. They’re putting themselves in danger as we would normally be able to do and so we want– that’s why we want to do it out at their front door, so they can see that we support them and we recognize that they’ve been working while the rest of us have just been taking it easy.”

MSG Luke Whittington said, “This is, uh, probably the most important thing we’ve done this year. Um, obviously we all know the pandemic and what its caused and especially around here in Jackson County, Mississippi, I learned that this was the hardest place hit.”

The Black Daggers will continue their tour of appreciation at hospitals throughout the southeast.

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