Two people found dead inside mobile home in Gulfport

This morning, Gulfport firefighters found two people dead inside a mobile home at Hidden Acres Mobile Home Park.

Firefighters were called to the scene to extinguish a fire. When they arrived the fire was already out. An elderly couple and a dog died in the fire that started in the living room.

Christine Watts has lived near the mobile home for over eight years now and tells News 25 she considered herself like a daughter to the residents and she was heartbroken when she went to check on them this morning. “Last night when we came home, me and my husband, I seen that the light was not on and normally she has a light on in the house all the time. It was so, we didn’t smell smoke. We didn’t see nothing so we didn’t think nothing you know up until this morning when she came to check on them.”

Investigators are currently working to determine how the fire started and contact the family of the victims.

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