Two Little Girls with Big Hearts

Two little girls from Biloxi are making it big in the lemonade stand business, but what’s really sweet is what they’re spending their money on.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shares the details.
At ages eight and 11, sisters Paige and Kaley Wilson aren’t old enough to legally work yet, but they’re already stirring things up with a recipe that’s simply a labor of love. Delicious Diva’s Lemonade is pouring out support for our local law enforcement community with every cup they sell. “Since police officers and firefighters and first responders don’t get the respect they need, we respect them completely and totally and we wanted to show that respect to them,” said Paige.
Paige and Kaley handed out thermal mugs to state troopers at the substation in Biloxi Wednesday. What they got in exchange were smiles. Mississippi HWY Patrol Public Information Officer Chase Elkins said, “When somebody takes time out of their life to do something special for us, it holds a special place in our heart.”
It all started with one stand. “We had signs that said Delicious Divas at both ends of our driveway,” said Kaley.
A few workdays at the stand and nearly $900 later, the sisters decided to turn their profit for the greater good. “First, we were going to give gift cards, but then we decided not to do that because one use and it would be gone,” said Paige.
The girls brought 60 cups to the substation. Mississippi Highway Patrol troopers say small deeds like what these girls did have escalated all over the Gulf Coast. “I’ve had more meals paid for and anonymous gifts and things such as that. It’s a different world that we live in here on the Coast,” said Elkins.
These are small acts of kindness that pay off on both ends. “It felt really good that we could do this,” said Kaley.

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