Two Killed in Overnight Train Wrecks

With crossbars, bells and flashing lights, train accidents are usually quite rare.
Two fatal collisions occurred on the railways within four hours of each other.
According to the Federal Railroad Administration, last year 276 people died in train related accidents nationwide, but in just over four hours, Harrison County had two of its own.
Harrison County Deputy Coroner Brian Switzer said, “I think a lot of times people don’t realize how fast a train is actually traveling. It’s a big train, they can hear it but they just have it in your mind that they can still beat it.”
Investigators say that’s just what happened in Gulfport on Tuesday morning when Kathy Paglia, 55, of Gulfport was killed after going behind the crossbar and being struck by an eastbound train. Just hours after the accident in Gulfport, Michael Fair, 44, of Biloxi died of blunt force trauma after he was hit on foot near Holly Street. Switzer says these accidents keep happening, but the coast railway crossings are safer than ever. “A lot of them didn’t use to have the rails that came down, and now they’ve upgraded the majority of those and almost every single one does have a barrier that comes down now. If people would just obey those and try to go around them then maybe these accidents would happen as often as they are,” Switzer said.
Both accidents are still under investigation and have pending toxicology tests.
Investigators indicated that the Gulfport incident in particular would require additional investigation, due to conflicting eye witness reports.
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