Two Injured in Shooting at a Wiggins Home

Police are still searching for answers after a double shooting in Wiggins last night that left two in the hospital.
Wiggins police combed the area along South McGregor Street throughout most of the day, trying to piece together what happened during a double shooting at the home. Residents woke up to gun shots just hours earlier. A Wiggins resident said, “ All I remember is hearing gunshots firing, and I was thinking is that firecrackers or gunshots, but thinking about it, people aren’t burning firecrackers yet, so I knew it was gunshots.”
The gunshots rang out from the home around 1 a.m. Police were on the scene not long after. Inside the house, they found two injured men: 27 year old Kevin Barney, who had been shot four times, and 19 year old Treyvone Young, who had a single gunshot wound to his lower body.
Chief Matt Barnett, Wiggins Police, said, “The officers secured the scene, of course, and processed the crime scene. We’re currently following up some leads on the case right now.”

The victims are being treated for injuries at a nearby hospital while police continue to investigate this violent crime.
The crime is still under investigation. If you have any related information please call the Wiggins Police Department at 601-928-5444 or contact Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers.

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