Two horses saved from Mexico slaughterhouse

Thousands of horses are taken over the United State borders to be slaughtered every year. Thanks to a rescue made right here on the Coast, two horses in route to be killed are getting a second chance at life.

Jimmy the pony and Gigi the horse were on a truck on the way to Mexico to be slaughtered until Cameron Cuevas stepped in. “Their ribs were showing. They were very, very sick. For three days we couldn’t even hardly touch them.”

Cuevas is a volunteer with Mississippi Horse Rescue. With the nonprofit organization’s help, he’s been able to restore these two abandoned horses to good health. “Poured feed to them, made sure they’ve had plenty of water, all the nutrition that they’ve needed to get back to where they need to be.”

Gigi was a former race horse. Cuevas says both of the horses are very young and capable of a successful recovery from the conditions they were sustaining. Rescue volunteer Lori Carter says horse slaughter is a common business that tends to slip under the radar. “Buyers will go to auctions and outbid good riders and they end up in the slaughter chain.”

Every year over one hundred thousand horses are taken over the border to be slaughtered. Rescue volunteers are working to change that. “All these horses they deserve a chance. They deserve a home. They deserve someone that’s going to be there for them and care for them,” said Cuevas.

Jimmy and Gigi will be alongside over 50 other rescue horses up for bidding in a safe auction May 19th in Jackson. “There will be trainers there all day to help you with these horses and then once you bid on them and get them with the silent auction you have half a day to work with a trainer with them,” said Carter.

The safe horse auction will be held May 19th from at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center. “They’re majestic animals and they are God’s creatures and they deserve to be treated and cared for on this earth,” said Carter.

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