Twenty-four year-old woman killed in Memorial Day Crash

It’s something that no grandmother should ever have to do: bury their granddaughter, but this is the harsh reality for Joanie Smith.

Joanie’s 24-year-old granddaughter Kayla Pittman was killed in a car crash on Memorial Day after leaving her house. Joanie and Kayla had moved to Ocean Springs from Memphis in 2012 because they loved being on the Coast. Kayla had two young children, one seven-year-old boy and one four-year-old girl.

But now, the rest of her family is in Tennessee and Joanie wants to send her granddaughter home for her final resting place. “Unthinkable, something you just never think of or think it will happen to you. It happens to everyone else, but it doesn’t happen to you. The majority of our family lives in Memphis, that’s where they all originated. I have got to get her back home where family is. I am here, but that is it. I’m all alone here now.”

If you would like to help the family send Kayla home, click here to donate to their GoFundMe page.


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