Tunnel to Towers Foundation joins the COVID-19 fight

Known for its financial assistance to families of fallen soldiers and first responders, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is now stepping up to help families of healthcare workers who are battling COVID-19.

Frank Siller, the CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, says the charitable organization will be there to cover the mortgage payments if a medical worker dies anywhere in the country and leaves behind a young family.

The foundation is also providing personal protective gear for our front line healthcare workers across the country. The fund for this started at $3 million and they are now up to $4 million.

Siller is asking that anyone who can to please donate $11 a month to help our nations’ healthcare heroes. “So, we’ve always been there for our front line, first responders, and our military who put their lives on the line for us every day. So, it made all of the sense in the world for us to do it now for healthcare workers who are running into the battle every day and to our hospitals who are saving peoples’ lives and who are willing to put their own lives at risk.”

To donate go online to tunnel2towers.org.

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