Tummy tuck flap for breast cancer survivors

Once the signs of breast cancer are gone, the battle is far from over including possible reconstruction of the affected area.
In the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a fairly new breast cancer reconstruction surgery is available right here on the Gulf Coast. Dr. Paul Mace and Dr. Michael Diaz are local doctors who are certified to perform a tummy tuck flap procedure which essentially takes the fat from the stomach and places it in the breast area.
Dr. Mace says it is popular for many women who don’t want foreign objects, like implants, in their bodies. “We’re taking the skin and soft tissue that would normally be taken out and discarded if someone was having a tummy tuck. We’re harvesting that tissue on its vascular supply and plugging the blood vessels up into the chest wall vessels. No foreign material had to go in, which now is kind of a big deal for a lot of patients. They don’t want foreign stuff, plastic stuff in them, so they’ve just got a better sense of self and just makes them feel whole again.”
A seminar on this procedure will take place at Garden Park Medical Center on October 12th.

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