Tulane University in Biloxi announces closure

Almost three years ago, the new Tulane University campus in Biloxi was built. Today, they alerted all students and faculty they will no longer be admitting new students.

In a location convenient for many South Mississippi students, Tulane University in Biloxi began classes back in 2002, designed for non-traditional students. Student Cassandra Skinner said, “They made it really convenient because they offer most of their classes at night, which not many universities do, and if they do they usually fill up real fast. So, that’s why I really like it because I can work full-time and then come here at night.”

Tulane in Biloxi reached peak enrollment in 2011 with 205 students. Biloxi Campus Director Patty Oats tells News 25 this fall they only have 92 students enrolled, leaving them with no other option than to close down. Student David Arceneaux said, “Frankly, I’m just a little disappointed. I came here about three years ago, hoping to get my degree from Tulane. It just makes it a little harder being here on the Gulf Coast, not being able to get my degree.”

While Tulane University in Biloxi is no longer accepting new student applications, they are working on developing a ‘teach-out’ plan for students currently enrolled. “So far, we’ve had students, they’re very concerned about not being able to finish their degree, so we’re having them come in, meet with myself, and our academic advisor to look at their degree plans to show them they can finish with Tulane. Our biggest worry, of course, is the student. They have to come first,” said Oats.

Oats says regular classes for enrolled students will continue until spring or summer of 2019. After that, these halls may be empty for good. “I really hope Tulane takes a second look and decides that they can keep this campus open.”

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