Pascagoula Stabbing was Result of a Drug Deal Gone Bad

On March 29, 2016 at approximately 11:34 hours the Pascagoula Police Department received a disturbance call to 3502 Hospital Road Tall Pine Apartments #30. Officers arrived and could not find the disturbance. After speaking with people in the parking lot, the officers were advised that there was no disturbance and also discovered that there is no apartment #30. The caller would not answer their phone so officers could determine if the people they were talking to in the parking lot were the ones causing the disturbance. Officers left the area. At approximately 11:59 the police department received a call from Singing River Hospital stating that they have two stabbing victims in the emergency room. Officers arrived at the hospital and determined the two men were stabbed at Pine Tree Apartments. Officers returned to Pine Tree Apartments and determined that the stabbing took place in apartment #20. The residents of apartment 20 advised the officers three white males kicked their door in and demanded money. An altercation ensued and one of the residents of the apartment grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed two of the three men. The men then fled the apartment. It is believed that this incident started earlier in the morning as a result of a bad drug deal where one of the residents of the apartment stole drugs from one of the men who kicked the door in. This incident resulted in the death of a Jackson County resident Joel Marvin Thornton, 41. After conferring with the District Attorney’s office, this case will be presented to a Jackson County Grand Jury for any possible charges.
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