Trump supporters come to rally in full force

Thousands of supporters piled into the Coliseum to catch a glimpse of President Trump and the senator.

Trump and Cindy Hyde-Smith supporters alike nearly filled the Coliseum for the rally and were definitely lively.

Before the doors even opened, rally attendees were lined up for what seemed like miles wrapping around the Coliseum and they were open about their love for the president. Biloxi resident Elizabeth Doucet said, “President Trump is my man. I love him to death. He cannot do any wrong.”

Supporters were also vocal with what they want to see be done after the runoff election, like building the wall, more tax cuts, and overall, as Trump would say, ‘Make America Great Again.’

Overwhelmingly they told News 25 they believe Cindy Hyde-Smith is the candidate for the job. “We need all the help we can get in the Senate.”

“I just believe that most Republicans care about what I care about.”

Not only did this rally bring out supporters from South Mississippi, but also Alabama and Louisiana. There were also people of all ages who came out to support Trump and Hyde-Smith. South Mississippi resident Christian Brown said, “Trump has always been like a big icon to me since I was a kid and I’ve never seen him before so I wanted to come see him.”

The president said he can only keep rebuilding America if he has Republican support in the Senate like Cindy Hyde-Smith who has shown she is a Trump supporter through and through. President Trump made it clear he has faith that Mississippi will stay red. “I love Mississippi and I love being here with you in Mississippi. You are the men and women that make America truly great and I thank you.”

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