“Trump Should Release Taxes” says Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson

Donald Trump has managed to surge to the front of the GOP race for president and keep his spot without following many rules, including the release of his income taxes.
News 25 sat down today with former GOP presidential candidate and ex-commissioner for the IRS Mark Everson. Everson says Trump’s claim that he cannot release his taxes due to being audited is an excuse. Everson says there’s a lot to be learned from a person’s taxes, such as whether Trump is being forthcoming about how much he’s worth and how much he’s really donating to charities. “If he’s not gonna be square with us about his taxes,” said Everson, “is he going to be secretive when things go wrong in some cabinet meeting? That’s what’s at stake here. You can’t allow anybody to think they are not accountable to the American people.”
The IRS is not at liberty to confirm whether Donald Trump is being audited. Trump stated early in his campaign that he would release his taxes and he still has yet to do so.
Everson says an audit does not have to keep Trump from showing his 1040 forms, even if they are amended at a later date.

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