Truck submerged under flood waters

Some tense moments in D’Iberville near the Tchoutacabouffa River today as two teenagers ignored street barricades on River Bluff Road. The two teens managed to safely escape the vehicle without injury.
Water was up to the dashboard in the Toyota Tacoma after two teenagers drove past barricades off Lamey Bridge Road in D’Iberville after ignoring warning signs of flooding waters that were up to five feet and rising.
Residents on River Bluff Road, where the truck was submerged, saw the truck floating and swept into the ditch. Resident Clay Gutierrez said, “We couldn’t believe he did it. I mean, it gets gradually deeper too. He kept going as it’s getting deeper. It’s not any sign that it’s getting shallow or so. Why would he keep driving until his truck started floating and then went in the ditch? I have no idea.”
D’Iberville Fire Department responded to the scene and used a canoe to paddle towards the two who were lucky enough to escape the high waters. D’Iberville Fire Chief Gerald Smith said, “I’d say it’s probably three or four feet deep in the location where they were. Now, it’s more than enough for them to drown in the wrong conditions. It’s very important for people to obey the barricades. Don’t drive around the barricades. Don’t drive through deep water.”
There are reasons why officials put the ‘turn around, don’t drown’ signs out. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “That’s how people die is in the flooding and water and vehicles that go through, go around barricades. We’ve had this happen several times in Harrison County and it’s very dangerous.”
Later the driver of the truck came back to the scene with some help and pulled the truck from the ditch and on to drier land.

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