Tropical Storm Gordon’s impact on Biloxi

While parts of Jackson and George counties got pounded by heavy rain from Tropical Storm Gordon, most of Harrison County stayed relatively dry.

Every time a hurricane or tropical storm starts brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico it becomes easy to draw comparisons to other recent storms’ strength and location of landfall. Now this year, Tropical Storm Gordon drew a lot of those comparisons to last year’s Hurricane Nate.

It is easy to make those comparisons, but as far as the City of Biloxi’s standpoint, the mood around town was ‘I’ve been here before and I’d rather be safe than sorry.’ Biloxi resident Kristi Pope said, “You can never take these storms too lightly because of the flooding. The waters can rise especially in low lying areas and we are prepared for that.”

Resident Roderick Jackson said, “This time of year, you never know what’s going to crop up in the Gulf. You just have to be on the lookout and be prepared at all times.”

South Mississippi residents know the drill, even for a storm that poses more of a threat to the six coastal counties than it actually delivers. “We wanted to make sure everything was tied down, all of our lawn chairs, folded them up, turned our tables down,” said Pope.

Despite the multiple warnings associated with Gordon’s ultimate landfall, authorities had mixed results regarding Harrison County’s 7 p.m. curfew. Major Chris De Back with Biloxi PD said, “Traffic started to slow down as the night went on. We still had a few people that we came in contact with and, of course, encourage them to go home or get them to a shelter.”

Even if those weather watchers were pushing the limit, this time they weren’t wrong about Gordon’s overall impact on the Gulf Coast. Biloxi resident Doug Richard said, “The way it’s moving, 17 miles per hour, it’ll be here before long and then be having sunshine tomorrow.”

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