Treat intersections as four-way stops when traffic lights are down

Although power is slowly coming back to the Coast, many intersections and traffic signals are still without power.

Local police departments have issued an advisory to treat all inoperable traffic signals as four-way stops.

Here are the basic rules to a four way stop:

  • The first to arrive is the first to proceed
  • If multiple cars arrive at once, the right away goes to the vehicle to the right
  • Cars going straight go before those turning
  • Vehicles turning right go before those turning left

Gulfport Police Department PIO Jason Ducre said, “I don’t think people know to stop– to come to a four-way stop and treat it like a four-way stop. So, like I said, people are just following the car in front of them. Just not paying attention. Slow down, take a minute, pay attention. It can prevent an accident. And like I said, be mindful we still are under curfew. So, we encourage everybody to stay off the roads due to hazards on the road. 90 is completely covered in sand and debris.”

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