Travis Childers Visits Coast for Last Minute Campaigning

There’s just one week left until the general election and Democratic Senate nominee, Travis Childers, was back on the Coast Tuesday campaigning hard.

Recent polls show Childers trailing his opponent, Senator Thad Cochran, by double digits, but the north Mississippi native isn’t ready to throw in the towel. Childers started off the morning greeting workers at Ingalls Shipyard before heading to downtown Ocean Springs to have breakfast with supporters. Tuesday was Childers’ third trip to the Coast in two weeks. Childers says, “I’m proud to be a Democrat. I’m proud to stand up for working people and working families.”

Throughout Childers’ campaign, he has focused on familiar democratic issues, like raising the minimum wage and fully funding public schools. His supporters more than agree. Margaret Cameron, a retired Ingalls employee and a supporter of Childers, says, “Minimum wage, healthcare, looking out for the seniors, looking out for young people.”

Bryan Rosette, another supporter of Childers, says, “His stance on public education, it’s something that should be funded, not just when elections are around, but at all times.”

Even though Senator Cochran is massively outspending Childers this election season, the former U.S. Congressman is fighting hard in this race, campaigning as if he was neck and neck with the six term senator. Childers has been walking a fine line while campaigning in conservative Mississippi.

On the one hand, he’s distanced himself from the democratic leadership in the senate. While on the other hand, he’s drawn a stark contrast between himself and Republican, Thad Cochran. Childers also says, “I will be looking for new leadership if elected to the United States Senate. I would like to cast my vote for someone whose values are more in line with Mississippi as a whole.”

Childers is one of the most conservative democrats in the country running for a national office. He has similar views with Cochran on issues like immigration, but there are plenty of other issues, like equal pay for women, that separate the two candidates. Childers closes, “He voted against that twice this year. I will proudly vote for that in the United States Senate.”

Childers says he plans to make one more trip to the Coast before the general election next Tuesday.

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