Trash taking over streets and highways on the Coast

You can’t get far driving without seeing trash along the highway or streets on the Gulf Coast.

MDOT has tried for many years to decrease the litter that seems to be coming from residents.

MDOT has created three programs to combat trash: the sheriff’s inmate program, which brings inmates out to pick up trash. The second program is through the Adopt-A-Highway, which civic groups or organizations have an opportunity to help clean.

Last, MDOT visits schools to teach youth about how litter impacts the environment.

The debris is also causing problems from MDOT works that cut grass on the highways, causing workers to get injured due to mowing debris up. District Engineer Kelly Castleberry said, “The biggest aspects of litter we run into is people that have pickup trucks. They throw it in the back of their truck and it blows out. Of course, they didn’t litter when they threw it in the back of the truck, but when they go down the highway, that’s when it blows out and we have a problem. So, try to avoid that. Nobody wants to live in a place that’s got litter everywhere on the highway.”

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