Transportation funding for the Gulf Coast

Mississippi lawmakers deadlocked in 2018 over efforts to increase spending on roads and bridges.

Over the past few years there have been many failed plans by MDOT to fix highways and roads in South Mississippi.

In April, Mississippi officials ordered the shutdown of over one hundred locally owned bridges after federal transportation officials warned if dangerous bridges were not closed immediately the state could lose access to federal funds for infrastructure. Senator Michael Watson said, “A lot of people across the state are questioning why are you not taking care of yours but they are taking care of theirs so that’s when it comes to why do you want the state to come in or the federal government come in and bail you out when this should have been something you were doing to start with. So, core government functions is what you come back to and in these state level, federal level that’s the question we should be asking our self.”

Senator Watson says the issue will be brought up once again if a special session is called.

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