‘Transality’ discussion panel at USM Gulf Coast

It’s an open forum that discusses strategies to help reduce discrimination faced by transgender and other gender non-conforming people.
The Transgender Education and Advocacy Program of Mississippi held a discussion panel at the USM Gulf Coast campus for those to examine life as a transgender person in Mississippi.
Molly Kester with Mississippi Rainbow Center says the mission of this panel is to dispel the myths and rumors of transgender people and to generate more allies and teach them truths of what transgender is all about. “I think it shows that we’re doing something in the community, so it gives them a better sense of community, it gives them a chance to feel like they belong to the community. So many transgender people feel isolated from the community. I think by seeing us up there on the panel talking about transgender issues and about being transgender, it gives the community hope.”
One thing Kester really wants for transgender people is to get involved and lend a hand to those who need help. For more information on how to get involved you can visit aclu-ms.org.

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