Tracking sea turtles

Every day the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies works hard to rehabilitate sea creatures to send them back to their natural habitats.

Currently, IMMS is tracking three sea turtles that have been released into their natural environment. The sea turtles were fitted with satellite tags so officials can follow their journey and better understand the habitat of these turtles.

You can also track the turtles from your computer or phone. Just go online to and click the ‘track our turtles’ ink to follow their journey. Theresa Madrigal with the IMMS said, “We have released a couple of the turtles over the last few months with satellite tags so that gives us information about where they are going once they are released and where they are foraging. So this give us a good idea of what is going on in the Mississippi Sound as far as their food source. It’s important information especially with the Bonnet Carre spillway. ”

To help the IMMS continue their conservation efforts, students from Pass Road Elementary School made a $500 donation to help save the sea turtles. The students will also have the opportunity to name one of the turtles at the IMMS before they release him back into the water.

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