Out of town residents do Black Friday in Gulfport

Black Friday deals are still going on for those brave enough to venture out to the stores on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
The mad rush of deal-crazy shoppers has intimated Amber Woods for years, but the Florida resident decided to give Black Friday a try for the very first time this year while staying with family in Gulfport. “I thought people would be yanking each other’s hair and pushing people down to get to stuff. People have been really, really polite.”
Big sales and discount prices populated Gulfport Premium Outlets Friday and so did shoppers hungry for holiday deals. While some were buying for themselves on the shopping center’s busiest day of the year, Woods had others on her list. “I wanted to go shopping for my friends and for my family because I hate getting presents. I love giving them.”
Leonard Whitfield is another out-of-town resident who says the sales in Gulfport were worth the drive from Mobile. “It’s been very exciting with the crowd and stuff and everything is just so wonderful. The weather is wonderful. The people are wonderful, spending lots of money in time for the Christmas holiday season.”
Staff members say over the past nine years the outlet mall has done Black Friday, the biggest bump in the road has been traffic control. Rhonda Roberts with Gulfport Premium Outlets said, “In the beginning it may have been a little bit challenging for us, but now it runs very smoothly and Gulfport police help us direct traffic. It goes very well.”
Smooth enough to give some a new perspective on Black Friday. “I feel Black Friday is a better way of getting things to give. It gives people the opportunity to come out and buy things that they normally wouldn’t be able to afford,” said Woods.

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