Town hall meeting talks potential plans for East Biloxi

The Biloxi NAACP hosted a town hall meeting this evening to discuss potential projects for the purpose of bringing improvements to the East Biloxi community.
Frustrations as citizens of Ward 2 voiced their concerns for their area at Wednesday night’s town hall meeting. Patricia Kemp has been a Biloxi resident for 66 years. She’s seen East Biloxi thriving with stores, recreation centers, and theaters. Now it stands with empty buildings and road work. “In Ward 2, we don’t have, we have to go across the Bay to go school. We have to go across the Bay for our children to have recreation. They put the Kroc Center there, but some of the children in this neighborhood don’t have three dollars to pay every time they go to the gym. I would like for them to give something for the children in the neighborhood.”
The NAACP, along with former Biloxi Mayor Gerald Blessey, presented some potential projects to help bring back the ward to what it once was. “We have some incentives in the plan that anybody can use. We hope that the property owners in the downtown area, from Lee Street to I-110 to Division to the waterfront, will take advantage of these incentives that we’ve put forward,” said Blessey.
What Ward 2 Councilman Felix Gines is ultimately pushing for is a grocery store in what he calls the “food desert.” Gines tells News 25 now that some projects are already started on, there is light at the end of this tunnel. “We have a 2017-18 projects that are already laid out and are already funded. And just like Keesler which is already 80 percent funded. So the thing now is to go ahead and take these things and build up on what we already have to kind of move these things forward.”
And moving forward is exactly what Patricia Kemp wants for her grandkids.

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