Tourism Tax Election Takes Place Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Jackson County residents will head to the polls to vote on a 2% tax on tourism.
The tax would be paid by anyone staying in a hotel in Jackson County. The Jackson County Board of Supervisors wants to emphasize this is not a tax Jackson County residents will have to pay unless they’re staying in a hotel.
The Convention and Visitors Bureau would use this extra money to promote the three coastal counties as a single tourist destination.
Barry Cumbest, District 1 supervisor, said, “We think it’s a great effort for the whole coast. Harrison County already has a hotel tax in effect and so does Hancock County. Jackson County does not. If we don’t vote in the 2% tax, we will either have to decide whether to expend county funds to stay in that group or just to get out of the group altogether.”
The Jackson County Board of Supervisors needs 60% of the votes in favor of the tax for it to pass.

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