Tourism hopes for Cruisin’ the Coast

Cruisin’ organizers and business owners are hoping Cruisin’ will give that last minute boost to the summer tourism season, especially after the hit to our local economy in the wake of the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening.

Cruisin’ was initially part of an overall plan to attract tourists here to the area as the peak of the Coast’s tourism season wraps.

While the Coast is still reeling from the ongoing effects of the spillway, ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ Director Woody Bailey says ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ couldn’t come at a better time for local businesses and tourism. “The main thing is everybody come visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’re open for business. All the restaurant folks and all that I’ve talked to the hotels, yes they have had a tough summer and they’ve been looking forward to ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ being here to bring that economic impact. Ya know that’s what ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ does. We think it is doing a good job and we think everyone will benefit from ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ being here.”

‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ wraps up Sunday with a closing ceremony.

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