Tort claim filed against Moss Point Mayor Mario King

An alderman with the City of Moss Point has filed a half million dollar claim against Mayor Mario King, claiming he was threatened and assaulted during a meeting last month.

The claim, filed by Alderman Ennit Morris, states that Mayor King has disrupted board of alderman meetings and threatened to have board members arrested after asking about money spent in the King administration.

News 25 spoke with Mayor King a short while ago on the claim. “I run Moss Point like a business and so that’s what it is, it’s a business and so at any point if something comes between making that business the most successful business as it can be, then I have a problem with that, from a professional standpoint. So I don’t know Alderman Morris personally, I don’t plan on getting to know him. My plan is to conduct the business of the city. I hope he learns procedural ordinances and I think he has and I think he has the right to just like anybody else.”

News 25 also reached out to the attorney’s office for Ennit Morris. We’ve yet to hear back.

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