Tornado Touches Down Brookhaven

A tornado did in fact touch down this week in Mississippi.

A survey showed that a twister with top winds of 110 mph (175 kph) touched down just inside Franklin County at 12:57 a.m. on Monday. It moved 17.5 miles (28 kilometers) east through Lincoln County, crossing interstate 55 before lifting off northeast of Brookhaven at 1:22 a.m. the tornado, rated ef-1 on the enhanced Fujita scale, had an unusually wide path, peaking at 1,000 yards (900 meters).

The storm caused minor to moderate roof damage to a number of homes, uprooted trees, and snapped utility poles.

No one was injured.

The storm was part of a larger storm system that killed five people across the south, produced at least 13 tornadoes in Louisiana and created flash flooding in Mississippi.

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