Top Five Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in Natural Disasters:

Credit: pixabay
  1. Pack an Emergency Kit – Having a pre-packed “go bag” for your pet can crucial during an emergency. Be sure to include your pet’s vaccination documents, food and water, a week’s worth of any medications your dog may need, familiar toys or blankets, and an extra collar and leash.
  2. Have a Safe Place to Go– If you are away, or cannot get to your pet when disaster strikes, find a local dog daycare, friend or pet sitter that can reach your pet. You never want to leave a pet behind in an emergency as they often cannot protect themselves or may end up getting lost. Make plans to evacuate to somewhere like a pet-friendly hotel or a friend or family’s home that is out of the affected area before the weather or disaster event starts.
  3. Microchip Your Pet– Even when you first get your pet, getting a microchip could be the difference between keeping your pet safe, or becoming a stray. Microchips allow for veterinarians to scan lost animals to determine their identity so that they are safely returned home. It is important to ensure that your microchip is registered and up to date so if your pet is lost, the correct information is accessible to whoever recovers your pet.
  4. Have Identifying Information Handy– If your pet is lost or runs away during an emergency, bring and be able to provide information that will help others find them, like recent photos, behavioral characteristics or traits. These can help others identify your pet and return them safely to you.
  5. Ease Pets Back Home– Don’t rush your pet back into your home, or even through your neighborhood, once you and your family have returned. Your once familiar home could be disheveled and/or changed, and this can potentially disorient and stress your pet. Keep your pet on a leash and safely ease him/her back home.
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