Tombstone from the 1800s uncovered in Biloxi

There’s a whole lot of history behind an old abandoned tombstone discovered on the property where the Kroc Center now stands in Biloxi.
The tombstone dates back to the 1800s and is currently on display at the Biloxi Library. Librarians tell News 25 the stone was found by the contractor that was building the Kroc Center back when the property was part of the old Biloxi High School stadium in the mid-90s.
After researching the stone, historians determined that there was no one actually buried at the site. Historians say the person whose name is on the tombstone is buried in the Biloxi Cemetery. Historian Librarian Jane Shambra said, “Tombstones tell an entire story or at least a good part of a story of a person. It tells their whole name usually, sometimes who they’re married to, when they were born and where they died, sometimes a little bit of a verse or a song. If they were involved in the military, they might have a military symbol attached to that.”
According to historians, the old caretakers of the property moved away and left the tombstone behind. The Salvation Army donated the tombstone to the library.

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