Today is the General Election

Today is the day for your voice to be heard Mississippi.

The ballots for today’s General Election have many important offices on the ballot like governor and other state seats.

It has been a close Gubernatorial race from the start between Republican Tate Reeves and Democrat Jim Hood. If elected Hood would be the first Democratic governor in Mississippi in 16 years.

Those who were in line early at the precinct on Debuys Road felt strongly about the importance of voting. Resident Sandy Joiner said, “That’s what our nation is built on, the freedom to vote. I am a retired military at the AFRH and if you don’t vote, it doesn’t county.”

Resident Bryan Bell said, “It’s important that we exercise our civic duty. These people run our lives and so I think it is important that we have some input into who does it.”

When you head to the polls today, make sure to bring your ID and check that you are going to the correct precinct. You can do so on your county’s website. Polls close at 7 p.m.

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