Tips to keep termite swarms at bay

It’s the time of year again when termites begin to swarm. Here are some tips to keep them out of your home.

Formosan termites are an invasive species that swarm from late April to June. This is because the colonies become overpopulated and are looking to make new colonies.

Bay Pest Control advises people to check their home for leaks. Moisture mixed with wood is a termite’s favorite place to live. Home maintenance is the best way to keep your home intact.

If you’ve already done that and are just sick of the bugs, there is a simple fix to that. Bay Pest Control Entomologist Bruno Milanese said, “A thing we tell most of our customers is turn off your outside lights, close your windows, pull your blinds. Anything to limit the light that the termites can see. Now, they only fly one time in their life, and so they’re not very good flyers. But they will be attracted to the light.”

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