Tips for running in the cold

Founded in 2015, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon takes place this weekend. It celebrates the local flare and beauty of running along the scenic beaches from Pass Christian to Biloxi. With temperatures dropping into the 30s on race day, runners have to prepare for different running conditions.
Runners from across the United States will be lacing up their running shoes and pounding the pavement come Sunday for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon. Temperatures are expected to be lower than usual, dropping into the 30s on race day, but at least one seasoned runner says she embraces the cooler running conditions. Run N Tri Manager Dana Vergunst said, “Regular runners will find it is a lot easier to breath in the cold versus the summer time when it’s hotter and you are battling the heat elements and the humidity. As you start to warm up and your body becomes a little more fluid with your run, your breathing should become a little bit easier.”
Running experts are saying that the key to staying warm is by wearing layers and by mile two your body should be warmed up and your muscles should be ready to go and finish the race. Run N Tri Assistant Manager Dan Sylvester said, “The layering is definitely something that is very, very important. Making sure that you have layers going into the race, you can take those off as you go along and get warmer and that way you don’t overheat even though it’s cold outside.”
“In some races you will find that they have a staging area with a box or some kind of container like at an aid station where you can peel off your layers as you are going,” said Vergunst.
Vergunst says keeping your muscles and joints warm at the start line is crucial to setting your pace for the rest of the race. “If you want to start the race at your race pace then you should allow yourself up to even 30 minutes before the race starts to do a quick jog, you know, some leg swings or something like that to get your muscles activated and ready to perform for you.”

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