Tips To Prevent Wildfires

The fatal flames spreading in Gatlinburg have fire officials on the Coast urging locals here to know about fire safety. Keep an eye out at the vegetation outside of your home. If you live out near wooded areas make sure there’s a buffer zone between your home and the wildlife. Also clear your roof or gutters of any leaves. It only takes one spark to set your home on fire. Even though it may seem appropriate for an outdoor fire, conditions can change in the blink of an eye. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “They say ‘I went inside for just five minutes and the woods are on fire’ or the fields on fire and it’s running across or ‘we started the fire and there was no wind and ten minutes later it’s blowing like a hurricane out here.’ You need to watch the weather, watch the local weather cast or call somebody.”
You can always call your local fire department to see if it is okay to start a fire outside or see if your area is currently under a burn ban.

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