‘Thunder over the Sound’ disaster training

It was a bloody scene over in Biloxi this morning, but no need to worry. It was all for a good reason.

Over 150 volunteers covered themselves in fake blood and wounds in an attempt to simulate victims of a plane crash.

This hectic scene was put together in preparation for the May 4th and May 5th airshow so that Biloxi first responders and Keesler first responders could practice working together to save people if something were to go wrong.

The scenario even had a volunteer out in the water dressed as a wounded pilot whose plane had gone down. Sarah Loicano with 81 TRW Public Affairs said, “We have people on base. We have people off base. We have people in the water and what we are doing is having people role play being injured. We are testing our first responders to get to the people to clear a scene and to get them to the hospital and to communicate with each other.”

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