Three years since Kim Watts’ death

Friday marks the anniversary of the day Kimberly Watts was murdered in her Long Beach home.
Forty-eight year-old Kimberly Watts was murdered inside her own home and to this day any information pertaining to her case is being withheld. Now, her family, still mourning her loss, is at least one step closer to finding and putting her murderer behind bars.
Three long years have passed and still no justice for Kimberly Watts. Watts was killed in her Long Beach home back in 2014 and her killer, still walking around freely, and her brother, Joseph Holcomb, wanting the murderer behind bars. “Not only do we want to have him put in jail like he needs to be, but also, we would like to have the killer off the streets of Long Beach. I think that’s very important so that nobody else has to go through what we’ve gone through.”
To this day, the family has been clinging on by faith and only remembering Kim through pictures. “She was a good mother, a good nurse, good sister, good daughter,” said Holcomb.
When the investigation started, the Long Beach Police Department was head of the case. In June 2017, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office took over Watt’s case, finally giving the family some answers. “There is a person of interest in this case and that person of interest has failed to cooperate at all with any of the law enforcement,” said Holcomb.
Sometimes, a little can go a long way and while desperate for more answers, the family is offering a reward to bring Kim’s death to justice and their family some peace. “If they’ve come forward with information in the past, come forward again now so that this outstanding team of investigators can be sure to have their input. We’re also offering a $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person who did this,” said Holcomb.
Sherry Bass, Kim’s sister, said, “I really wanted to ask that everyone continue to pray for justice for Kim. Hopefully between prayers and the hard work from the sheriff’s department, we’ll be able to get this resolved.”
The family is urging anyone who has any information related to Kim’s death to please contact the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at 228-896-3000.

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