Three Women to Serve as Harrison County Supervisors

After the final general election results, two women will now join the Board of Supervisors in Harrison County. This is the first time three women will fill the supervisors positions, making history here on the Coast.
For nearly two decades, Connie Rockco has stood as a dominant female public figure on the Coast. She’s been the first female president of the Board of Supervisors. Now she’s excited for two more women to join her team. “When you look at Mississippi being the last state to ratify the 19th Amendment, I think what happened in South Mississippi speaks volumes for Mississippi as a state and of course Harrison County as the best county in the state.”
Beverly Martin and Angel Middleton will fill District 1 and District 2 positions. That means voters elected three women to the five member Harrison County Board of Supervisors, the first time this has ever happened in Harrison County. It will be the only minority led board in the state. “I think it’s going to be an exciting dynamic for sure,” said Middleton, “I don’t think they were looking to us for being women. I think it just happened that way. I do think, as women, we will do a good job because women are really good listeners.”
While many women across the States fight an uphill battle for equal respect and pay in the workforce, Rockco and Middleton believe being in their position, they can help change stereotypes about women in a male dominated profession. “I’ve heard some people say ‘what happens if they disagree, it may be a cat fight.’ When men disagree they don’t call it that. I’m hoping we can dispel that. I don’t think women are asking to be treated any differently in any field that they choose but they want a level playing field. I think that has been accomplished,” said Rockco.
Beverly Martin and Angel Middleton will join newly elected Supervisor Kent Jones and longtime Supervisors Marlin Ladner and Connie Rockco on the board.

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