Thousands of homemade holiday cards in route

Thousands of Christmas cards homemade by a local minister are on the way to first responders and military serving overseas.
Minister Darlene Carroll of Biloxi has been filling boxes of handwritten cards since January. Heartwarming moments were shared as the executive officer for the Navy base came to the minister’s home today to help deliver the boxes of cards.
Carroll’s dad was a retired Navy Seabee and after he passed away last year, she took it upon herself to write the cards. “I’m happy that today is the day that these cards will be handed to these soldiers. I want people to know that these people that serve us and protect us each and every day, military and the first responders that receive these cards, I want them to know that they’re loved and appreciated.”
Minister Carroll tells News 25 she’s signed about a thousand cards per month.

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