Thousands of eighth graders explore careers

Pathways 2 Possibilities is helping guide students toward the route to success by providing tons of hands-on career experiences. Thousands of eighth graders were at the event today at the Coast Coliseum Convention Center in Biloxi.
Over three thousand eighth graders from across the Coast and beyond came to the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi to get closer toward answering a similar question about the future: “how many of you know what you want to do when you graduate? How many of you don’t know?”
Pathways 2 Possibilities is a two day event helping local students explore different career fields. Mea Moore from Hancock Middle School tried out what it takes to wear the hat of a firefighter. “Something physical is a career that I want because I’m a very active person because I have five brothers.”
Moore tells News 25 she wants a career that would make her family proud. “My family did have a house burn down when I was like four so if I did this then I could help people.”
Big signs were held up to separate different career pathways and within each section eighth graders had the chance to participate in hands-on experiences related to that career. Pearl River Middle schooler Faith Russell said, “I looked over the medical stuff because I want to go into nursing or be a veterinarian.”
There are 19 different pathways to choose from and organizers say it’s only grown since last year. Pearl River Middle schooler Amelia Fleming said, “Asking a lot of questions is the best thing to do here and try to figure out what you have because you have so many opportunities here.”
Over one hundred employers along the Coast signed up to be at the event. Organizers are hoping the wide selection of options helps students realize the future is in their hands. Petal Middle schooler Trey Thomas said, “I learned that there are a lot of options that I can be when I grow up and that I can pick anything that I want.”

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