This week is National Salvation Army Week

This week is National Salvation Army Week.

The Salvation Army remains the largest non-government direct provider of social services in the United States, providing meals, housing, rehabilitation, disaster recovery, and so much more.

You often see the Salvation Army around Christmas time with Red Kettles and Angel Tree children up for adoption, but there are also ways to help all year round.

Due to the rise of inflation and students being out of school soon, the food pantry at Gulfport Community Center of Hope is in great need of non-perishable food items. Marketing Coordinator Morgan Shiyou said, “Everybody is suffering due to inflation and all these variables that come into play, but we are in need of food for our food pantry and we’re asking for our gracious community to help us out and donate some nonperishable shelf items that we can give.”

Along with food items, the Salvation Army is also collecting toiletries, cleaning supplies, and many other items.

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