Thirty-five COVID patients at Singing River Hospitals

Mississippi’s increasing COVID patient numbers are causing a change in safety protocols at Singing River medical hospitals.

The need to keep visitors, patients, and staff safe from coronavirus was the topic of today’s medical staff meeting.

Limiting the number of visitors and guests and requiring everyone who enters to wear a mask are small but important safety protocols as the number of severely ill COVID patients arrive in the hospitals.

Currently, there are 35 COVID patients being treated at Singing River Hospitals and 99 percent of them are not vaccinated.

Singing River is encouraging all who qualify to get the COVID vaccine. They are readily available at their clinics to anyone who wants one. Singing River Media Relations Director Sarah Duffey said, “Surge in COVID cases, not just because of the variant, but because of people getting together over the Fourth of July weekend. Making sure that we have all of the resources and staff available to care for this influx of severely ill patients that we’re currently seeing coming through our E.R. being admitted to our hospital. Although hoping this is the peak of the fourth wave as Dr. Dobbs is calling it and we’re holding strong. We’ll make it through.”

If you have any COVID vaccination questions or want to schedule an appointment, call 228-809-5000.

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